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Sunset of the Sabertooth

Magic Tree House #7


Mary Pope Osborne

A boy and a girl are standing in a frozen tundra.  There is a large sabertooth on a hill above them.  It looks intent on hunting them.

Autumn’s Rating:


Minimum Recommended Age:



Jack and Annie view the items they have found so far for Morgan and realize they both start with M like Morgan’s name. They decide this is a clue that can help them find the other items. Their next adventure begins in the Ice Age. Jack and Annie explore a cave, and while they are in there they lose Peanut. They follow his tracks out into the snow until they see a sabertooth tiger. They run back toward the treehouse but fall into a trap and are stuck. How will they get out of the trap before they freeze in the cold temperatures?

Positive Messages:

The siblings band together to work through their challenges on their adventures and demonstrate good teamwork. Never give up is also a common theme throughout the series as the characters try to figure out some tough challenges.



Violence & Scariness:

The sabertooth tiger might be scary to younger children.

Parents Should Know:

There is a sorcerer that the children meet called the “Master of Animals”. His owl mask makes him see better and his reindeer antlers make him run faster. The sorcerer doesn’t speak to Jack and Annie but is able to communicate with the animals.

Mom Says:

I loved this series! I would say you could read this up until age 9, and then your child may start to outgrow it. We read these books every single night until we had read the entire series. The characters mostly go back in time, although there are a few futuristic adventures, and it really sparked an interest in history for both Autumn and Aubrey.

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