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Mummies in the Morning

Magic Tree House #3


Mary Pope Osborne

A girl and boy are in the dark holding a torch over a sarcophagus.

Autumn’s Rating:


Minimum Recommended Age:



Jack and Annie head back to ancient Egypt. Once there, they enter the pyramids and meet the ghost of the Queen of the Nile. She asks for their help finding the Book of the Dead so she can go to the afterlife. Will they be able to find the book and figure out how to get back out of the pyramid?

Positive Messages:

The siblings band together to work through their challenges on their adventures and demonstrate good teamwork. Never give up is also a common theme throughout the series as the characters try to figure out some tough challenges.



Violence & Scariness:

The children find the mummified body of an Egyptian queen. The corpse has a bald skull, rotting bandages, broken teeth, and hollow eye sockets. Annie is disgusted. Jack reads aloud the procedure of preparing a dead body for burial, including mention of removing the person’s brain. Annie refuses to listen and runs away.

Parents Should Know:

This book brings up the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians and the afterlife. There are several instances of ghosts that are encountered, and Jack and Annie follow a black cat out of the pyramids that they think is magic.

Mom Says:

I loved this series! I would say you could read this up until age 9, and then your child may start to outgrow it. We read these books every single night until we had read the entire series. The characters mostly go back in time, although there are a few futuristic adventures, and it really sparked an interest in history for both Autumn and Aubrey.

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