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I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941

I Survived #4


Lauren Tarshis

A boy is running from the coast line.  In the background, there is a war ship on fire and 3 propeller planes overhead.

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Danny lives with his mom in New York. He starts making bad choices and his mom decides they need a new life somewhere else, so they move to Hawaii. Danny makes friends with a little boy named Aki that is his neighbor. One morning Aki tells Danny there are airplanes in the sky. As the boys watch, bombs begin to fall. Danny races to find his mom at the hospital, where she is a nurse, to be sure she is okay. Will he get to her safely?

Positive Messages:

Home is where you make it, be brave!


The words heck and darned.

Violence & Scariness:

Danny’s friend Finn falls and hits his head and blood seeps from underneath. Mack is hit during the bombings and gets a jagged wound and loses a lot of blood. Danny hears reports about many people being hurt and killed.

Concerning Content:

The aftermath of the bombings might be a bit scary for young readers. Not a concern, but something to be aware of - there is some discussion about Japanese people and the scrutiny they face after the bombing, and how some Japanese Americans were relocated to internment camps.

Mom Says:

This is a really great series. Although it is fiction, it is a fantastic way to teach kids about historical events, and I wish I had these books when I was in school! The girls really got interested in several of these and we got additional books to research the various events in the series.

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