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I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916

I Survived #2


Lauren Tarshis

A giant shark breeches the water with its mouth open and teeth showing while kids are fleeing in the background.

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Minimum Recommended Age:



Chet is staying with his Uncle Jerry in New Jersey while his parents look for work in California. He meets three local boys that invite him for a swim in the creek. The boys play a prank on Chet, and then he plays a prank on them back, but later when he goes to the creek alone to swim he sees a shark. Since the boys have been playing pranks on each other, none of them believe Chet when he runs for help. He turns to an old sea captain that most people think is crazy, and the captain runs with Chet to where his friends are swimming in the creek. He yells at them to get out of the water but they think he’s playing another prank until they see the fin. Will they get out in time?

Positive Messages:

Being persistent when you know you’re doing the right thing.


The Lord’s name is used once and heck appears once.

Violence & Scariness:

Characters talk about the shark attacks, where sharks have left blood everywhere and bitten off limbs.

Concerning Content:

The descriptions of the scenes of the shark attacks may be too much for some young readers.

Mom Says:

This is a really great series. Although it is fiction, it is a fantastic way to teach kids about historical events, and I wish I had these books when I was in school! The girls really got interested in several of these and we got additional books to research the various events in the series.

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