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I Am Defiance


Jenni L. Walsh

Girl standing with her arms crossed looking over her shoulder defiantly.  The background is of Germany with an airplane flying overhead dropping papers from the sky.

Autumn’s Rating:


Minimum Age:



Brigette is living in Nazi Germany. Her sister Angelika has polio, and the Nazis don’t like people with disabilities. Bridgette has to pretend to love Hitler while she plans their escape. It is a race to get out alive. Will they make it?

Positive Messages:

Determination and staying positive no matter what the circumstances!



Violence & Scariness:

Some mention of Nazi officers taking people away, but no graphic descriptions.

Parents Should Know:


Mom Says:

This is a fantastic book and when I was screening it for Autumn I couldn’t put it down! This tells such a great story of the resistance to Hitler and what it was like living in Germany during World War II. The age of the characters and the impact they have also shows that you don’t have to be an adult to stand up and do the right thing. Be sure to read the sequel “Over and Out”!

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Accelerated Reader:

AR Quiz No. 513068

AR Points 7.0

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