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Heaven is for Real

A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back


Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent

A little boy is well dressed and smiling!

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Minimum Recommended Age:



This story is about a 4 year-old boy named Colton that has surgery. His heart stops beating, and after they bring him back to life and he wakes up, he starts talking about how he went to Heaven. He describes seeing Jesus and long-dead family members. The story is told by his father, and some of it is pieced together over time as Colton talks about it more and more. It is a very inspiring story!

Positive Messages:

This book shows the simple faith of a child that is a good reminder to all of us. Colton’s father, Todd, is a pastor and tells the story from his Christian perspective.



Concerning Content:

There is some intensity around Colton’s illness, surgery, and near-death experience that may be a little scary for younger readers.

Mom Says:

This is a fantastic book. I started it and had to finish reading it before I put it down. It was so uplifting! Definitely worth a read, for both adults and children.

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