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Over and Out


Jenni L. Walsh

Girl looking anxious with guards talking behind her.

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Sophie lives in Berlin after World War II. Berlin is split by a wall that separates the east and the west. The east side is under Communist rule, while the west has freedom. Sophie and her best friend Katarina want to escape the east. When Sophie finds out she has family in the west, she figures out how to get over, but meanwhile she is forced to spy on Monika, someone who is like a sister to her. Will Sophie get caught? Will Monika go to jail? Will her mama have to change jobs?

Positive Messages:

Never give up!



Violence & Scariness:

There are some intense scenes when you think Sophie is going to get caught by Herr Becker as she plans her escape, but no descriptions of violence.

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Mom Says:

This sequel to “I Am Defiance” is just as amazing as the first novel. The author has an excellent way of telling history in a way that young readers can understand, and this was another book I couldn’t put down.

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