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The Tail of Emily Windsnap

Book #1


Liz Kessler

The cover shows the tail end of a mermaid with sparkling lights.

Autumn’s Rating:


Minimum Recommended Age:



Emily Windsnap has a secret. Well, everyone has a secret, but hers is different. Even though she has lived on a boat her entire life, her mom has always been anxious about the water, so she has never been swimming. She finds out her secret during her first day in swim class - Emily Windsnap is a mermaid! Dive in to see how she handles the news and learns about her new underwater world!

Positive Messages:

Overcoming obstacles and dealing with bullies.


None (other than the Lord’s name in vain)

Violence & Scariness:

Going into Neptune’s Court.

Parents Should Know:

It was mentioned that Neptune had multiple wives. “Mystic Millie” performs a hypnosis session on the main character. There are many mentions of auras, reflexology, etc. There is one instance of an adult male making Emily feel unsafe and having an awkward conversation with her about the circumstances of her birth, though kids may not understand that fully. Emily went around behind her mom’s back a lot. Some of the characters are not kind to each other and are very selfish. Emily blackmails Shona to go on the journey to see her father in mermaid prison.

Mom Says:

This is a series Autumn really enjoyed. She is very interested in mythology, so the tie-in with Neptune helped hold her interest. I also like that it is fantasy with a more whimsical plot line rather than some of the more intense series she has read.

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Accelerated Reader:

AR Quiz No. 78081

AR Points: 6.0

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