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The Truth about Bats

The Magic School Bus Chapter Book, No. 1


Eva Moore

A woman and boy are wearing miner's hats with lights as the explore a cave filled with bats!

Aubrey’s Rating:


Minimum Recommended Age:



Ms. Frizzle and the class travel to Yosemite to learn about bats. They explore a bat cave, camp in Yosemite, and mist bat nets with the park ranger. There are tons of facts about bats in the book, along with some pictures as well.

Positive Messages:

Taking care of animals on the Earth; it’s fun to learn.



Violence & Scariness:


Parents Should Know:


Mom Says:

This is a great series! The information is given in a format similar to the TV series, and written from a different child’s perspective in each book. It would be age appropriate for younger children as well, but I do think they might have some difficulty staying engaged if they aren’t interested in science. Aubrey and I really enjoyed this particular book in the series as we both really love animals, and she has read this book on her own several times since we read this together.

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Apr 13

Way to go on the book review, Aubrey! I am going to read this book now because you made it sound too good to pass it up! 😍

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