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Samantha and the Missing Pearls

American Girl Collection


Valerie Tripp

Two girls are slid down the garbage shoot.  They look like they are trying to flee from someone.

Autumn’s Rating:


Minimum Recommended Age:



Samantha is friends with a girl named Nellie that is a servant next door. One day she is playing with Nellie and a pearl necklace belonging to Nellie’s boss went missing. Nellie is under suspicion for taking the pearls. Can she and Samantha find the pearls in time to prove she is innocent?

Positive Messages:

Friends need to stick together.



Violence & Scariness:


Concerning Content:


Mom Says:

This is a very easy, quick read with a little bit of mystery.

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Accelerated Reader:

AR Quiz No. 52605

AR Points: 0.5

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