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Gifted Hands

Revised Kids Edition: The Ben Carson Story


Greg Lewis and Deborah Shaw Lewis

Ben Carson, a black doctor, is smiling at the camera and wearing doctor scrubs.

Autumn’s Rating:


Minimum Recommended Age:



This is the biography of Ben Carson. He struggled in his life when he was young, but one day in church he figured out what he wanted to be - a missionary doctor. He achieved his dream later in life, and is SUPER smart today even at seventy- two years old! He was the first doctor to separate conjoined twins successfully and even went on to run for President!

Positive Messages:

Never give up and always follow your dreams!



Violence & Scariness:

Very little aside from threats from some other kids.

Parents Should Know:


Mom Says:

This is a great book with a very inspiring story. Ben Carson had a very difficult life when he was younger, and it is inspiring to hear about all the obstacles he overcame. He continues to openly discuss his faith and is a great role model.

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