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Gail Carson Levine

A young ornately dressed girl looks over her hand held mirror with a mysterious gaze.

Autumn’s Rating:


Minimum Recommended Age:



Aza was abandoned by her parents as a baby and is left in the room of an inn called the Featherbed. The innkeepers welcome her into their family and treat her like a daughter. Aza has a beautiful voice but she longs be to beautiful. She becomes the queen’s lady-in-waiting and makes it sound as if the Queen has a beautiful voice. The Queen rules Ayortha with the help of a magic mirror and the people hate her. Soon Aza is blamed for the problems in the land.

Be prepared for this book contains Kings, Queens, Dwarves and a love story with kissing (eww!). Will Aza ever clear her name? Will she ever find her parents?

Positive Messages:

Aza’s adoptive parents train her to be beautiful on the inside just like they do their other children. They stand by Aza when she is accused of causing all the problems in the kingdom.



Violence & Scariness:

For Aza to escape the dungeon, she has to force a bolt open and she bleeds. Aza gets poisoned and almost dies. Ogres eat people in the kingdom.

Parents Should Know:

Aza and the Prince kiss passionately. They sleep in a ravine holding hands next to each other.

Mom Says:

Autumn really loves the fantasy genre, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find books of that nature that are age appropriate for her. This book is written for a higher level of reader but is content-appropriate for a younger audience as well.

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Accelerated Reader:

AR Quiz No. 109084

AR Points: 8.0

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