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Dog Man

Book #1


Dav Pilkey

A picture of a man with the head of a dog dressed in a police uniform.  The background is filled with the silhouettes of buildings in the night.

Autumn’s Rating:


Minimum Recommended Age:



When Greg the police dog and his police companion get injured on the job, a life-saving surgery changes everything. The head of the dog and the body of the human form Dog Man! He becomes the best police dog and is chief’s favorite. There is a bad cat named Petey, who comes up with evil plans in his lab. Dog Man tries to stop him. Will he succeed?

Positive Messages:

Kindness, loyalty, patience and forgiveness are demonstrated with Dog Man’s relationship with the police chief. Creative thinking can lead to solutions, and actions have consequences you can’t always control.


No curse words but lots of crude humor including “pee” and “poop."

Violence & Scariness:

A little cartoon violence with explosions and accidents on the playground.

Parents Should Know:

Very little - a cartoon drawing of a bare bottom.

Mom Says:

These books contain lots of crude “potty humor.” Not my favorite, but this is one of the first series that really got Autumn into reading constantly! She really thought they were hilarious and so she couldn’t put the series down and flew through them. This does contain intentional grammatical errors, so be prepared for some misspellings. The behavior of the characters in the book isn’t great either at times.

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Accelerated Reader:

AR Quiz No. 184237

AR Points: 1.0

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