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Broken Ground

Spirit Animals: Fall of the Beasts #2


Victoria Schwab

A leopard stands strongly with a hawk flying above.  Trees are burning in the backgorund.

Autumn’s Rating:


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The four friends, Conor, Meilin, Rollan and Abeke, split up. Conor and Meilin grouped together and Rollan and Abeke grouped together. They go on separate journeys. Conor and Meilin go underground while Rollan and Abeke stay above ground.

Positive Messages:

This book is one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read, and I read lots of books! Standing up for others is important even if it isn’t easy. Meilin talks about a true leader knowing when to follow.


Dumb, Stupid

Violence & Scariness:

There are worms that crawl on people’s skin and then take over their minds, turning them into zombies. The main characters have to kill the zombies even though they don’t want to. There are large spiders, and a fire that traps a spirit animal.

Concerning Content:

There are some violent and scary scenes. They use knives and arrows to kill the zombies.

Mom Says:

This series is full of action and has some creepy parts, so make sure your child is mature enough for those.

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