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A Little Princess


Frances Hodgsen Burnett

A little princess sitting on a window seat stares out a tall window at night.

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Sara Crewe grew up in India until her Papa brings her to Miss Minchin’s School for Girls in London to get a good education. He pays for her to have her own suite and she has plenty of fancy clothes, along with a special doll named Emily. Papa leaves Sara to go back to India. Sara makes several good friends at school, but Miss Minchin does not like her. When Miss Minchin finds out Sara’s father has passed away, she takes everything from Sara and makes her work for the school. Will Sara find a way to survive the terrible conditions Miss Minchin puts her in?

Positive Messages:

Never give up and keep your head held high no matter your circumstances!


Fat, stupid, ugly – all terms used to reference girls at the school. The terms are used in a very matter of fact way, clearly language of the time period.

Violence & Scariness:


Parents Should Know:

One of the characters has a Buddha statue, but there is no indication it is anything more than art to him.

Mom Says:

This is a classic, but of course was written during a different time (originally published in 1905). It is a challenging read (we read this one together) and takes some explanation, but well worth it. There is some sadness around Sara’s life and the loss of her father, along with how she has to live following his passing.

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AR Quiz No. 124

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