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Welcome to my book club! I’m 10 years old and I LOVE to read and want to share my love of reading with you. Once I started reading, I never wanted to stop! When I read, I like to create pictures in my mind and I really get my imagination going! I also love spending time outside and playing lots of different sports. I hope you enjoy my website and sign up to get my emails so you know when new book reviews come out!

Hi, I’m Autumn!

We started this website out of necessity…as a Christian mom, with a daughter who devours books, I honestly just couldn’t keep up. Autumn started her third grade year reading well into a sixth grade reading level, so it has been a real challenge to find books that she enjoys and that challenge her enough but are age appropriate with messaging that we are in alignment with. I would research the ones I could, however I could, but there were still a lot of books that I really couldn’t find any information on. I knew other moms felt this way too, and Autumn’s Book Club was born! We hope you enjoy our content here!

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